Miriam buchwald

Hot Glue, Rubber Bands, & Twist Ties



Hot Glue, Rubber Bands, & Twist Ties

Experimental Fashion Lines


With the opportunity to experiment, play, and explore with different materials, I developed a set of unique designs for Lunar Gala, Carnegie Mellon's fashion show. In 2014, I created a dress line made entirely of hot glue and in 2015, my line was fabricated from rubber bands. In 2017, as part of the alumni line, I presented a dress made exclusively from twist ties.  

In 2016, as one of three Executive Producers, I was responsible for the production, creative direction, and budget. To view the branding system we developed for the 2016 show, visit Strain.



2014 line made from hot glue





In Tension 

2015 line made from rubber bands



Alumni Dress

2017 Dress made from Twist Ties