Miriam buchwald


Generative Logo

I designed a generative logo to document my stress level throughout the day. Each sketch represents a 24 hour period.



Elements of design


Illustrations Based On New York Times Articles

"The Price of Nice Nails"

"Grace Coddington, the legendary Creative Director of Vogue, is stepping down"


Guide to Your Woman

What if women were only alive to sell their body parts, so men could create their perfect woman? I designed artifacts for this fictional society:  jewelry price tags to help women sell their body parts as well as a pamphlet to guide men through the purchasing process.



Self Portrait



Instagram Artwork for Carbone Smolan Agency

Artboard 4 copy 12@2x.png


Primitive Hand Tools

I designed primitive hand tools as a study of aesthetics and semantics.



Light Web Interactions


Crocheting Deer... 'Cause Why Not?