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Working with Irene Joung and Mina Kim, we designed a multimedia experience to teach gardening skills to children through play. Our goal was to connect children with the Seedling system through thoughtful interaction. 


We designed a mobile application to keep children engaged by creating an emotional attachment between the plant and the child. We also designed kits for both parents and children with instructional booklets and plant markers. Finally, we created a product video explaining our educational process, featuring our comprehensive visual system.

Product Video




Kits & booklets





When we settled on a three-part system: app, instructional kits, and "community board." We worked through the user experience defining interaction through storyboarding and diagramming.

The supplementary app would help keep track of the plant and growing process with interactive lessons. Interchangeable plant markers become characters on the community board, facilitating play between multiple child gardeners.

Volunteers, from the MLK garden in Pittsburgh, sought to have more children participate in activities at their summer garden. Motivated by their challenge we brainstormed different ways to make the gardening experience more interactive. Gardening is a very slow process, because the initial growth is hidden, making it difficult for some children to understand what is happening and remain interested.

We researched products like Tamagotchi and Neko Atsume, to discover how to create emotional attachments. Our goals were to have children feel bonded and solely responsible for their plant. We also developed content to engage children in hidden processes.

User Flow


Visual Process

We created a style that felt quirky and friendly, but not too childish. We also wanted a visual system that would be adaptable to fit across our multimedia product system. 

We settled on using Montserrat for headings and Source Pro Sans for body copy. Montserrat projects bold, legible, and friendly; Source Pro Sans compliments with its rounded shapes, specifically on its descenders.

Our color palette allows unconventional combinations, which become a defining feature of the brand.

Inspirational Pinterest Board

Graphic Translations

Type Study

Color Palette and Application

Color Palette and Application

Visual Exploration

Graphic Translations

UI Process

We wireframed the process and screens to create a cohesive mobile application. We took special care to focus the app and define its limits, making it comprehensive, yet appropriate for children.


Wireframe Planning


App Screens

Video Process

We developed a motion piece to explain our product system and the Seedling brand. We used this opportunity to express Seedling's emotional and rich language.


Original Storyboard

Color Planning

Video Frames


Kit Process

We knew the kits would be the first touchpoint, so we wanted them to reflect the dynamic Seedling experience. We created layered packaging, progressively revealing several mini-surprises.

With clear and simple instructions, informative booklets serve as guides for parents and children.


Kit Models


Informational Booklet Plan

Wrapping Paper Design